Office of Poultry, Bees and Sericulture Affairs

ü Conducting studies and surveys on detection of capabilities, deficiencies and opportunities in the fields of poultry, apiculture and sericulture businesses followed by taking remedial actions;

ü Preparing and regulating strategies, scopes and initiatives with short, medium and long terms schedules on enhancing poultry and apiculture businesses/products ;

ü Planning on restoration and development of quality and quantity of poultry and bees’ outputs via renovation of slaughter-houses, chilling rooms, packaging units and incubating plants;

ü Analyzing and revising policies, plans and projects involved in operation and production of poultry and honey-bees commodities within the context of commitments and road-maps;

ü Derivation and circulation of the int’l codes of conducts (CODEX) associated in poultry and bees’ outputs in close harmony with authorities concerned;

ü Pledging the provincial offices for enforcing viable standards and mandates in production processes followed by field-specific surveillance on quality and performance trends;

ü Assessing the applied research-training needs and informing to relevant institutions for action;

ü Collaboration with authorities in compiling necessary policies for market regulation and impressive management on supply and demand of poultry/ bees products;

ü Collaboration and synergy on policies and perspectives for rehabilitation of poultry/apiculture businesses, import/export of species and related inputs for reflecting to the official institutions;

ü Directing the executive offices and practitioners towards extension of research/scientific gains via holding technical campaigns and operations;

Setting communication with regional/int’l specialized agencies and seeking updated methodologies and know-how for the field operators;

ü Cooperating and coordinating with line offices in terms of development of business organizations, technical service providers, supportive funds, poultry raising, apiculture and enhancing practitioners under the approved rules and regulations;

ü Planning on optimal enforcement of ITC platform to re-organization of production components and processes;

ü Inspiring from research-scientific institutions in formulation of due strategies for conservation of genetic reserves for backing capabilities and performance;

ü Urging for extension of wider domestic consumption of poultry and apicultural products;

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