Management and Reduction/Mitigation of

Office for Management and Reduction/Mitigation of

Agricultural Risks and Crisis

The foregoing Office established in the Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad and comprises of certain subsidiary Thematic Groups to handle and fulfill its mandatory commitments as follows:

- Thematic Group on Drought under the Agronomic Dept’s responsibility;

- Thematic Group on Chilling undertaken by the Horticulture Dept.;

- Thematic Group on Plants’ Pests/Diseases led by the National Plant Protection Org. (NPPO);

- Thematic Group on Animal Diseases convened in the National Veterinary org. (NVO);

- Thematic Group on other risks committed by the Forest, Rangelands and Watershed Management Org. (FRWO);


The core objective is to mange and tackle with risks and crisis in all premises of agriculture sector.

Technical Commitments:

-Planning, coordination and supervision on risks and crisis in agriculture sector

- Conducting research on risks and crisis in agriculture sector

- Forecasting and prevention of risks and crisis in agriculture sector

- Preparedness

- Management of the incidence

- Rehabilitation

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