Planning and Budget

Terms of Reference for the Office of Planning and Budget:

1. Proposing reliable suggestions for national/areal development as well as policies for rural/agricultural development;

2. Outlining short, medium and long terms schedules in cooperation with other line Offices;

3. Preparing and fixing objectives, policies and operational schemes for national/provincial development in view to existing capacities/capabilities;

4. Making and circulating general codes and conducts in planning and budgeting fields for all affiliated national/provincial departments/offices of the Ministry;

5. Preparing operational codes and conducts for legal clauses foreseen in annual budgets cooperated with executive sub-sectors;

6. Conducting need-assessment on proper operating the budgets in accordance with law and regulations foreseen by the Ministry;

7. Circulating the annual budgets containing clauses, expenditure items, incomes, subsidies and capital assets, companies’ budgets for needed reporting;

8. Following up all foreign exchange affairs demanded by affiliated departments/ institutions as well as agro-inputs subsidies and requirements;

9. Seeking Credit Allocations ( Capital assets, costs, revenue, subsidy….) acquired by executive offices for due confirmation and reflection back to the Planning and management Organization for final revision and implication;

10. Monitoring and evaluation of the operational reports in various fiscal divisions for due cross-checking and compliance with the annual Terms of references;

11. Compiling documents, addendums and periodic reports on implemented plans and budgets for submission and approval at statutory panels and executive officesin the Dept.

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