Fish breeding development in cages

Prioritizing the cachring areas of Guilan province to establish support facilities
Fish breeding development in cages (Plans and Actions)
Today's world is faced with three major challenges, namely the lack of fresh water, food shortages and environmental degradation. The importance of food security through the production of fishery products, limitations on the use of freshwater resources caused by droughts in the last decade, climate features of Caspian sea, Persian Gulf, and Oman sea, the necessity of using marine waters to increase aquaculture production, approximately 6000 km of coastal strips and islands suitable for the development of marine fish, existence of native species with high economic value, the necessity of reducing hunting pressure on marine fish stocks, the existence of fishing and fishing organizations, aquaculture and aquatic exporters, the existence of a great potential to produce more than 1,000 tons fish based on studies, experience of developing fish breeding in the cage in 62 countries so far with the production of 3 million tons, and using the experiences of leading countries, such as Norway, China, Chile, Turkey and Italy, the potential of job creation, reducing deprivation and significant remuneration in this industry, as well as our supreme leader’s, Ayatollah Khamenei’s, emphasis on executing resistive economy, self-sufficiency and endogenousity, has caused to announce a special mission for the development of fish breeding in cages in the northern and southern waters of the country, to the fisheries Organization. Thus, the necessary plans for the development of fish breeding in cages with the scope of producing 200000 tons at the end of the 6th program, and 400000 tons by the year 2025.
  Actions Taken:
1. Accomplishment of supplementary studies to locate and identify suitable areas for development of fish farming in cages through collecting all marine data and maps overlap using GIS method in the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea.
2. Studying and constructing coastal docks supporting fish shrimp at sea, using existing ports and breakwaters which were built on the southern coast of the country
3. Localization and transfer of technical knowledge for the propagation and production of marine fish, and supporting the private sector to set up marine duplication centers
4. Localization and transfer of know-how of construction and installation of cages and providing equipment needed for fish breeding in cages
5. Increasing technical knowledge and training of experts and fish farmers
6. Carrying out the necessary coordination and concluding MOUs with related organizations with the aim of making stable development
7. Providing low interest bank facilities (fixed capital and turnover) to make them able purchase cages and accessories and coastal construction for fish breeding in cages, as part of the defaults by the operating bank
8. Establishment of insurance coverage for products, structures and personnel
9. Supporting the establishment of new production facilities for the production of feed and special supply of marine fish
10. International cooperation with the following countries: Norway, Italy, China, France, and Turkey
11. Carrying out market studies for Iran and overseas
Selected destinations in the coastal provinces target (Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Gilan and Mazandaran):
Development Places in Mazandaran
Figure 1- 2 Prioritize support areas Marine Cages in Mazandaran province. 
Development Places in Gilan:
Prioritizing the capitating areas of Guilan province to establish support facilities 
Prioritizing the cachring areas of Guilan province to establish support facilities 

Development Places in the Persian Gulf:

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