Historical Background 

Ø The apple is one of the oldest fruits in the world and its main cultivating areas are temperate areas. In Iran, cultivation of apple is of great importance due to diverse and suitable climate conditions. The apple (Malus domestica Borkh) is one of the granular fruits and is from the Malus and the Golsharkhan family.


The Main Provinces which produce apple


Ø Western Azarbayejan, with 24% of the total production of apple in Iran has the 1st rank, then Eastern Azarbayejan, Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, isfahan, and Fars, with 13.3, 10.8, 9.6, 7, 4.7, and 4.5 %, respectively make the 2nd till 7th rank. 

Production per year

Ø The production of apple per year is about 3.41 million tons in Iran, which about 28.5% of it belongs to the province of Azarbayejan.


Area Under cultivation

Ø Based on the statistic of the year 2016 of the ministry of Agriculture-Jihad, the area under cultivation of apple was 249,000 hectares, of which 87.7 percent were cultivated under fertile trees and 12.3 percent under apple seedlings cultivation. Of the 217,000 hectares under cultivation of apple trees, 67.99% of it is irrigation and the rest dried watering.


World ranking in the apple production

Ø Iran ranked 4th in terms of the apple production after China, the United States and the Netherlands.




The Amount of Production: 3.41 million Tons (28.5 % in Azarbiyejan)

( 99.67% Rain-fed Per Ha) in the whole country and all provinces 
Area Under Cultivation (Per Ha)
Fertile Trees 
Fertile Cultivation of Apple trees (Per Ha)
249 Million 
217000 Ha


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